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J.D.G. Perldeiner

Curséd Counselor

Concept: “Have you ever been cast out of your profession for a faux-pas so bad it could be fatal? Then sympathize with the poor Curséd Counselor”  
Content: A lawyer run afoul of his own law.
Writing: So proud and filled with puffery that it cannot help but land in deeper and deeper laughter.
Art/design: Text as dense as a legal document, and as crooked as the law in the dying world. 
Usability: This scholarly class is still accessible to the lay reader. 

Homespun Hero

Concept: “Have you ever died fighting for a cause you believed in and knew was right? Then the Homespun Hero is for you”
Content: An undying embodiment of lost cause.
Writing: A delightfully grisly stab at the many risks of peasant revolt in the dying world. 
Art/design: Public domain violence in a disrupted regiment of a layout. 
Usability: Considerably easier to manage than a peasant revolt. 
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