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The Burning of Galgenbeck Cathedral

Concept: “Onlookers still gather, unsure whether to fight against the blaze and save the temple, or to fan the flames and sate their avarice with molten gold.”
A cathedral-saving sewer crawl (presumably); packed with characters, hazards, and options for dealing with them
Sets the atmosphere and then devotes itself to delivering mechanical information
Art/design: Artwork and color choices work very well together
Cathedral map’s numerical markers can be tough to spot amidst the art

The Romvs Inn

Concept: “Player characters can […] indulge in the most important aspect of RPGs – roleplaying their characters.”
A humorous but still extremely lethal anti-adventure
Entertaining and establishes the desired, comedic tone
Columns for exposition and proximal layout for the setting both adapt the MB aesthetic to good effect
Have you tried those scrambl'd æggs? To die for.
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