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Impending Doom

Concept: “A solution for a frequent critique and often reported problem.” 
Content: Solving dud combat rounds with the help of Miseries.
Writing: A simple mechanic, and some advice on its use.
Art/design: A pile of skulls beneath miserable yellow text on a black background.
Usability: Useable. 

Sword & Sorcery… and Solo Hero minizine

Concept: “We did a little Conan-like campaign with Mörk Borg rules and wanted to share the results to another F, our Friends :P.”
Content: Rules for survivable “heroic” solo scvm, complete with an example sword and sorcery barbarian class.
Writing: Informal, conversational, educational and friendly. Like a discussion with your DM (I hope).
Art/design: Fun character notebook sketches in a basic practical layout.
Usability: Designed for paired play. DM + 1. 
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