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Roll The Bones

Davig Pumpkins

Concept: “His name is Davig Pumpkins, and he's going to scare the hell out of you.”
One scary dude, and his backup dancers.
Are we supposed to know who this is?
Why did you go all in on Davig Pumpkins?
Any questions?

This Adventure is Full of Flies

Concept: “contains enough insects to sustain the average player for an evening of abject pestilence.”
Content: A pamphlet adventure with a village that practically vomits insects.
Writing: Tightly woven adventure text with many subplots and callbacks to distract Scvm from all the bugs they’ve probably swallowed.
Art/design: Surprisingly clean text. Design elements reinforce narrative structure. Insect imagery hints at the horrors dominant in certain locales.
Usability: A self-contained village adventure simply bursting with replay value.
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