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d66 Flails

Concept: “Do you like flails? Me too.”
Content: d66 flails.
Writing: A surprising variety of lovingly crafted to delight players (and torment scvm).
Art/design: A list of flails, with spot illustrations of some truly unique specimens.
Usability: Linderon likes flails, and it shows. 

Destitute Thespian

Concept: “There's no place for frivolity in this doomed world, so you've taken your final bow on stage.”
Content: A thespian in the time of Basilisks.
Writing: Dryly comedic and versatile, like many a destitute thespian.
Art/design: Medieval theatrical production overlayed with stage directions for your Scvm.
Usability: The image backdrop may hinder legibility in small portions of the text. 
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