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Random Rambling Press

Mass Burial

Concept: “Bodies are gone missing, and none are the wiser.”
A one-page dungeon in the key of grave-robbing
Nice attention to physical and sensory detail, especially smell
Efficient layout ordinated on the dungeon map
Everything you need is right there on the page

The Dungescape Issue 2

Concept: “Rugged tunnels far beneath the dirt of the earth. What stirs in the dark with all-seeing eyes, beaks, and claws, scratching the stone?”
Content: An escape dungeon, full of feathered “friends”.
Writing: Social elements add a dynamic element to the dungeon.
Art/design: Top-down map and creature illustrations highlight a compact two-page dungeon reference.
Usability: Compact and organized for easy reference of the entire dungeon during play. 
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