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Fleet Detrik

Vanity Bleeder

Concept: “Slick with ichor and desire, the dire hostess, The Golden Masked Miraculous, sits alone atop the ruins of her father's cult. All heirs have been murdered: any drop of blood in the vein, and the sickly bell will whine again.”
Content: A glamorous/decrepit manor crawl full of hospitality/horror.
Writing: Understated and effective horror which carefully unravels and presents itself across both the black/white pages.
Art/design: A duality of black/white denotes the influence of Verhu’s Blind on the perceptions of the inspired. Alterations and reversals of associated imagery enhance the central theme.
Usability: Redundancy and parallel between the black/white versions of each spread allow for ease of reference regardless of your scvm’s sobriety during the adventure. 
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