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Wayward Polyhedral


Concept: “Belsnickel is cursed to walk the cold yuletide roads for butchering and stewing three naughty boys. He must judge those he encounters as naughty or as nice.”
Content: A judgmental, switch-wielding, candy-tossing scvm.
Writing: Poetically miserable folklore for the dying world. 
Art/design: A wretched bearded man with judging eyes, tired shoulders, and a switch in hand.
Usability: Don't rush for the candy. Trust me. 

Death Is Not an Escape!

Concept: “It isn’t your time. Rise revenant and roll for Death’s gift upon your first death.”
20 abilities that provide certain benefits and detriments
Some creative concepts concisely expressed
Illustration and color lend an appropriate, on-brand character
Just roll d20 to see what gift you bring back from beyond the grave

The Longevity Corruption

Concept: “Intended to prolong the life of characters and promote campaign play”
A pair of rules tweaks regarding HP and becoming broken
Some brief flavor and introductory text followed by a pair of concise rules
Simple black-text-on-yellow-ground approach accompanied by some death-by-dice public domain art
“Remember, it will not save you.”

The Requiescent Ratcatcher

Concept: “The rats found you, and you whistle morose tunes to them, and folk happily pay you money to take your people off their hands.”
A rat whisperer; includes stats for rodent minions and followers
Clear descriptions of mechanics with plenty of wry humor
It’s the color of rat piss. Remember that every time you touch a copy.
Not an overt combatant but some features are effective in a fight

The Triune

“The Triune are witches who have gained an awareness of space and time through their studies and dark rituals.”

Where the Cold Star Lies

“An adventure of icy stars, and the gall to wish in the face of a doomed world.”

“The” Bellfounder

Concept: “You have heard the death knell of the world. The foundry was your escape, until you found ‘The’ bells. The resonance has the power to change everything.”
A higher-risk class but with lots of variability and growth potential
Well-written descriptive text and mechanics
Expressive art, efficient layout, and helpful typographic choices
Has the potential to get hefty over time, but still far more efficient than classes in other games

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