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Black Candle Games

Apostate Fence

Concept: “You'll do anything you can to avoid becoming a victim of the machine you helped to create, even if it means selling your soul.”
Content: A fence who laundered their past for an uncertain future.
Writing: Narrative and gameplay elements emphasize apprehension of both the devil you know and the devil you don’t.
Art/design: Public domain art emphasizes a sense of apprehension and foreboding.
Usability: So straightforward it’s criminal. 

Faceless Ghoul

Concept: “You fucking died. How you still walk the earth defies all things holy and unholy.”
An undead, face-shifting character class with an appropriate emphasis on bodily abilities
Primarily focused on class mechanics with macabre flavor throughout
Layout places emphasis on the illustration; text is spatially delineated for easy navigation
Majority of the text is in small point and may be challenging to read in print

Quarantine Defector

Concept: “You’re diseased, a walking cyst, but you’re somehow still cheating death.”
Includes standard character mechanics plus a table of diseases
Concisely conveys the many maladies of the body
Nice juxtaposition of images and overall balance
Remember to cover your mouth when you cough
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