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Level 17: The Crawling Chaos

Concept: " The air is dank and the floor is moist. Purplish fluid shimmers between the cobblestones that pave the ground. It moves as if it was alive" 
Content: A throbbing hallway, sucking whirlpool, and quiet study.
Writing: Thorough alien descriptions, d666 escape rules, and narrative throbbing fluid mechanics.
Art/design: Dense single-column format, broken by background transitions and an uncanny hallway illustration.
Usability: Review before running, some decisions are left up to you. Remember the room is silenced! 

Storm-tossed Lepidopterist

Concept: “All it took was a butterfly's wing beat, one beat and your life was changed.” 
Content: A butterfly-effect collector.
Writing: Decorative lepidopteran descriptions with entropy-inducing mechanics.
Art/design: A portrait of butterflies, nets, disorder, and death in a familiar class format.
Usability: Honestly too legible for a class focused on entropy. 

Trick Sword

Concept: “A strange contraption is attached to the hilt of this blade... what does it do?”
Content: A sword that throws its weight around.
Writing: Unpredictable, elegant, dangerous, and occasionally dense. As all magic swords should be.
Art/design: Background illustration obscured by hefty rules texts.
Usability: Pull the lever. Hope for the best. 

Unstable Bower

Concept: “Rules don’t apply to you—not the normal ones, at least.”
Content: A Scvm who brings cards to a dice fight.
Writing: Truly masterful mechanical phvckery that manages to feel strikingly unique in play and remarkably familiar in outcome.
Art/design: Satirized Mörk Borg Cult aesthetics hint at its corrupting influence on gameplay.
Usability: Pick a card, any card. Seriously... bring some phvcking cards. 
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