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OH NO! Productions

D12 Mindbending Mushroom Effects

Concept: “What happens when your players eat a mushroom or plant...? Roll a D12 and find out.”
Content: D12 different psychotropic trips you can take when you eat the thing.
Writing: Highly specific, yet relatable, hallucinations.
Art/design: Yellow where it counts, psychedelic where it doesn’t.
Usability: A sample reference from Temple of Treachery. For those all-natural trips. 

Temple of Trechery

Concept: “An LSD trip of an adventure for Mörk Borg” 
Content: As above (so below).
Writing: A deeply rooted plot that’s sure to decay into a psychedelic trip, whether idylic or hellish is up to your scvm.
Art/design: A collection of print illustrations, and a few tastefully generated portraits which produce that strange hallucinatory feeling.
Usability: Well-organized and flexible. Available in German, with English translation in the works. 
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