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Special license

Produced and/or published prior to the Mörk Borg Third Party License

Sewer Salve

Concept: “The sewer guild has fled leaving these spaces to goblins and other chitter creatures, but they have left behind treasure and small stash of one of their key tools, Sewer Salve.”
Content: “a beard and skin care product that mixes the scents of patchouli, amber, and vetiver for a sweet earth aroma vaguely reminiscent of a urinal cake.”
Writing: I won’t spoil it, but there’s a pretty good pun on the lid.
Art/design: The most metal of yellow sewer grates.
Usability: A spreadable (edible?) urinal cake. I’ll get back to you once I get my hands on it. 

Targ-Dungel Bogmonster

Concept: A collaborative monster-creation effort
An undead, slimy, scythe-limbed swamp dweller
Mostly mechanical but still conveys character
Exactly what you want your death-metal swamp monster to look like
In Twitter format

The Church of the Forbidden Gate

Concept: “As long as THE GATE remains active, all death is meaningless to the faithful.”
Content: Fairly straightforward dungeon with heretical overtones
An accessible mix of exposition and stat blocks
Reserved use of color provides emphasis, aids navigation
Usability: Supported by explicit visual connection of text and locations 

The Cleaving in Buskstätt

Concept: “A darkly shimmering GROWTH has overtaken the town.”
A pointcrawl amidst malicious overgrowth
Concise; mostly devoted to stats & mechanics
Map and art are prominent without encroaching on the text
Small text emphasizes the visual elements but may be difficult to read

Vaults of Unfaith

Concept: “From an underground Sarkash crypt, heretics and cultists terrorized settlers.”
An occult dungeon with random events and escalating enemies
You may learn some new words; use them to terrify your players
Establishes atmosphere; concreteness provides easy navigation
Very intuitive and efficient layout

World-Weary Villager

Concept: “The world of people never much agreed with you; instead you sought the company of beasts” 
Content: A delusional zoologist.
Writing: A primitive class whose connection to animals is wildly open to interpretation.
Art/design: Cave illustration just adds further to the ambiguity to the story. 
Usability: Easy to use, flexible in characterization. Cover art by Nohr is available on Twitter.
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