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Special license

Produced and/or published prior to the Mörk Borg Third Party License

Targ-Dungel Bogmonster

Concept: A collaborative monster-creation effort
An undead, slimy, scythe-limbed swamp dweller
Mostly mechanical but still conveys character
Exactly what you want your death-metal swamp monster to look like
In Twitter format

The Church of the Forbidden Gate

Concept: “As long as THE GATE remains active, all death is meaningless to the faithful.”
Content: Fairly straightforward dungeon with heretical overtones
An accessible mix of exposition and stat blocks
Reserved use of color provides emphasis, aids navigation
Usability: Supported by explicit visual connection of text and locations 

The Cleaving in Buskstätt

Concept: “A darkly shimmering GROWTH has overtaken the town.”
A pointcrawl amidst malicious overgrowth
Concise; mostly devoted to stats & mechanics
Map and art are prominent without encroaching on the text
Small text emphasizes the visual elements but may be difficult to read

Vaults of Unfaith

Concept: “From an underground Sarkash crypt, heretics and cultists terrorized settlers.”
An occult dungeon with random events and escalating enemies
You may learn some new words; use them to terrify your players
Establishes atmosphere; concreteness provides easy navigation
Very intuitive and efficient layout

World-Weary Villager

Concept: “The world of people never much agreed with you; instead you sought the company of beasts” 
Content: A delusional zoologist.
Writing: A primitive class whose connection to animals is wildly open to interpretation.
Art/design: Cave illustration just adds further to the ambiguity to the story. 
Usability: Easy to use, flexible in characterization. Cover art by Nohr is available on Twitter.
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