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Special license

Produced and/or published prior to the Mörk Borg Third Party License

A (sometimes) Spiked Flail to the Face

Concept: “Six magical/cursed flails to discover in the deepest bog or dungeon.”
Content: A set of unique and creative weapons, most of which are lethal to target and wielder alike
Writing: Descriptive, compelling, and occasionally humorous
Art/design: Flails are depicted in silhouette, giving the reader’s imagination opportunity to fill in the gaps
Usability: Avoid contact with eyes and face

*Published prior to release of the formal third-party license

A Good, Old-Fashioned Murder Dungeon

Concept: The title is fairly on-the-nose
10 rooms of party-killing peril
A balance of ambience and formal content
The map is homey in a horrible kind of way; additional graphic design is gritty and fierce
Numbering and proximal layout makes for straightforward navigation and reference

A Polearm to Plunge into Someone Rotten

Concept: “Six polearms charged with magical energy to find hidden in the darkest crypt or fortress.”
An assortment of macabre and arcane weapons
Includes compelling lore and mechanics for each polearm
Descriptions are distinct and proximal to their respective illustrations, which are full of character and detail
Rather powerful by Mörk Borg base standards, but not without hazards and drawbacks

An Ageless, Woodless Place

Concept: “A microsetting for a romp in a valley lost to memory and giant reptiles.”
A primeval playground for scvm to die in
Overviews the setting and covers random finds, weather, landmarks, and monsters
Efficiently organized into sections and vibrantly stylized
Doesn’t have a narrative arc, but players will surely find ways to keep themselves amused; a good place to strand characters or for them to pass through while traveling

Black Bvrn Bridge

Concept: “The box broke inside the [ogre’s] stomach […] covering the Bridge in a cube of anti-light.”
Includes an inventive adventure-specific condition
Provides context and important details about the scenario
Subdued but effective colors; concise but atmospheric map
Logically and linearly laid out

Death and Pestilence

Concept: “Disease is spreading from the Restless Hills, carried by centipedes and beetles.”
A deadly, disturbing dungeon full of pure weirdness
“Quasi-ethereal necromagical death-tendrils” is an apex example of what you’ll find here
Excellently integrates text and graphics into the dungeon map
A little visually overwhelming at first, but easy to navigate once you have a feel for it

Flails Akimbo

Concept: “The players wake up with a pair of weapons nailed to their hands […] participating in a brutal game.”
An arena-style adventure with special mechanical conditions
A good balance of exposition and stats
Brings a familiar but distinctive character to Mörk Borg’s aesthetic
Kill your way to freedom

Merch Borg

“Buy MÖRK BORG stuff here. Wear it, give it away, or cut it to pieces. It's up to you.”

Mörk Borg Compatible Core Reference Cards

Concept: “Do you like TTRPGs? Do you enjoy reference cards filled with items, magical scrolls, beasts, abilities, lore, advice, and hundreds of unique custom illustrations?”
Content: 166 double-sided, tarot-sized reference cards.
Writing: Witty quotes and commentary add texture to each referenced item.
Art/design: Filthy ink splattered across a consistent structure that aids card reference.
Usability: Provided with instructions for print & play for the digital edition. 

Mörk Borg Monday

Concept: “Add even more misery to your Mondays with this original design by Johan Nohr. And while you’re at it, make sure to follow the Cannibal Curator for weekly rundowns of brand-new Mörk Borg content.”
Content: Mörk Borg Monday, but shirt.
Writing: Not compliant with the Mörk Borg 3rd Party License.
Art/design: Johan Nohr.
Usability: It covers your back, chest, and shoulders—in misery. 


Concept: “A collection of grindcore songs created in one day each according to the prompts for Mörktober” 
Content: Screeching, grinding, violent sound, and frenetically apocalyptic rhythms.
Writing: Like they understood the prompts. 7:7 approaches.
Art/design: Harmonious but distorted script for a classic borderline dissonant sound.
Usability: For when shit. gets. real. 

Rotback Sludge Battlemap

Concept: “A compact variation of the Mork Borg starter adventure, Rotback Sludge, using assets from 2 Minute Tabletop, totally free and Roll20 ready!”
Content: A Rotblack Sludge Battlemap.
Writing: Has a version which includes the rules reference.
Art/design: Lovingly detailed. Clear grid elements incorporated in manmade structures.
Usability: Full color, rules reference, and black and white versions available. Suitable for online or physical tabletop play.

Référence des règles pour Mörk Borg en Français

Concept: “Ceci est une traduction des références des règles de Mörk Borg en français.” 
Content: A French translation of the rules reference sheet.
Writing: The rules reference, in French.
Art/design: Identical in design to the original rules reference.
Usability: Available in full color, printer-friendly, and black and white. 


Concept: “A collection of terrible traits, bad habits, and bodily features” (featured in Scvmbirther)
Additional quirks and foibles to flesh out characters
Very aligned with Nilsson’s grit and wit
Conservative but still thematically aligned; some clever use of sub/superscript
A handy supplement for a high-mortality game

Note: Published prior to release of formal third-party license; semi-semi-official-ish
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