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The Slobberer’s Observatory

Concept: “Explore a forgotten observatory tower in the world of Mork Borg, discover a new class and have your body twisted by those things that lurk between the stars.”
A cosmic-horror-themed adventure and a matching character class
Concise descriptions of rooms and lightweight stat blocks for monsters and loot
Fairly liberal page layouts, readable typefaces, and a mix of hand-drawn and open-source images
The flat yellow ground on some pages is a bit eye-burning on the screen, but it’s only really prominent on a few pages

The Spire of Grief

Concept: “Drawn to the spire, the only shelter for many miles, you seek refuge from a storm of prophetic intensity.”
4 rooms and inhabitants to populate them
Writing: Provides atmosphere and scenery; more suggestions rather than hard, fast rules
Creates a  wonderfully isolated, Gothic feel
Mapless; easy to grasp and highly usable at the table

The Spire of Spite

Concept: “a small lighthouse on the cliffs of Allians, each floor houses a mysterious character with an interesting but vague past.”
A pocket zine tower adventure. Three floors, three factions, and a treasure table. Flexible as a social or combat encounter.
Sensory descriptions distinguish rooms. NPCs play to (and against) fantasy tropes.
Simple printer-friendly layout with a welcome splash of color.
Usability: Consistent visual cues aid quick reference and jog memory. Descriptive text is a bit small (it is a pocket zine).  

The Three Towers of Flägash the Undying

Concept: “A cult has taken up residence in a group of towers on the outskirts of the city of Grift.”
Content: A cult-fueled tower-crawl. With thrills, spills, and gravity-defying wills.
Writing: A responsive and versatile adventure style. With mechanics that reinforce a narrative of subtle and contagious cult reprogramming.
Art/design: A dreary affair, punctuated by the occasional otherworldly shadow or psychedelic highlight. 
Usability: Uneven two-column layout and mini-maps aid in table reference. Additional tools provided to assist in bookkeeping for the central adventure mechanic. 

Tower of Insanity

“Mind-bending aberrations, a BBEG from out of this dimension, insanity and madness table and more.”

Tower of Scoundrels

Concept: “The heroes search for shelter from the impending downpour. Lightning flashes, illuminating the forest and revealing a tower.”
A tower crawl designed to distract from larger plots and quests
Provides background on the tower and descriptions of each room and character
Woodcut-style graphics, vibrant colors, and other visual flourishes set the tone well
Album sleeve doubles as a GM screen with concise maps of each level and a summary of enemy stats and key features; booklets are organized by floor with descriptions and stats in close proximity to maps

Tragic Castle Obsession

Content: A vampire castle dungeon, and Old Nick album crawl.
Writing: A full-blooded and aggressive parody of spooky vampire dungeons.
Art/design: Illustrations reinforce the cheesy haunted castle aesthetic.
Usability: Highlighted mini-map and column sidebar make for convenient table reference. 

Wayward Corpses

“Shall you find your way out of this twisted, endless place? Or shall you become yet another wayward corpse, doomed to roam here until the Seventh Misery releases you from an undying purgatory?”
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