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PAINFLAIL Combat Helper

Concept: “Take most of the dice-rolling out of PAINFLAIL and PAINFLAIL QUEST combat rounds!” 
Content: A combat manager web app for 4 scvm and up to 5 enemies or companions.
Writing: Presents the actions of each enemy clearly and concisely along with their roll.
Art/design: Lightly textured yellow. It’s PAINFLAIL-core.
Usability: Available to run directly from the page. 


Concept: “A scvmbirther (that’s a noun now) with *only* unofficial third party content!”
Adds a slew of new options; under active development
As per individual scvm; clever reload button
Atmospheric and unintrusive
Linear and clear; links to content docs and source materials


Concept: Random character generator including exclusive content
Content: Includes all character options from the rulebook as well as exclusive content
Descriptions concisely characterize additional abilities
Clean, clear, well-delineated presentation
MBC content can be toggled on/off; includes a print option to save your scvm

Settlements of the Damned

Concept: “The settlement generator from Alone in the Crowd”
Four-lines sketches of the Dying Land’s settlements
Provides a descriptive name, summary of character, and geographic feature and location
Consists of a hero image and a nice calligraphic script; very yellow


“A character generator and companion app”

Stitcherer (demo)

Concept: “A PDF-based monster generator module for the upcoming BEstitchARY”
Sticks halves of 2 animals together into 1 unusual monster
Includes some clever flavor text along with standard stats
Great colors and well-crafted layouts
Doesn’t work on mobile/tablet; works with the click of a button on PC

Sudden Scum

Concept: “...accelerate the character creation process and get you on to what matters most: dying at the hands of a blood-drenched skeleton.” 
Content: Character creation in a deck of cards. With simple rules and bonus quest hooks.
Writing: The clever combination of abilities and character features makes for unique and memorable scum.
Art/design: Bold color, crisp design, and grim illustrations.
Usability: Separate, shuffle, write, and enjoy.

Sölitary Crawl

Concept: “Adjust the DR, and start crawling!”
Content: An online dungeon map generator for games of Solitary Defilement or Basilisk!
Writing: Concise room prompts with adjectives, type, and contents for solo play.  Automated random encounter rolls are provided.
Art/design:  Simple and effective yellow map on black background, with clear visual aids for special room encounters.
Usability: Provides analog rules for Solitary Crawl. Appears optimized for Solitary Defilement mechanics, but is generally applicable to Mörk Borg. 

Tales from the Gutter - MÖRK BORG

Concept: “Inherit a vicious baby wyrm. Die during character creation. Become a contortionist. Get mocked by your fellow players. Get an objective and hidden motivations. Wield strange new powers. Beg, cheat, and steal.”
Content: A life path character generator for scvm like us.
Writing: Dramatic (and strange) scenarios provide texture for player improvisation at the table. 
Art/design: Colored lithographic print backgrounds provide a consistent visual style across the life path. Text boxes, visual guides, and color coded text allow for creative elements of the layout to remain easily navigable.
Usability: Clear visual indications for instructive text establish clear session 0 expectations. Requires the group to be present and engaged to be utilized fully.

The monster approaches...

A digital adaptation of the monster generator from MBC: Feretory
Pelle’s gloriously weird sensibility in full effect
Presented clearly and cleanly without sacrificing visual character; features a rather unpleasant egg
“Now, make a million monsters.”

What Wretch Approaches?

Concept: “From out of the gloom, (a wretch) approaches.”
Content: A customizable wretch (outcast) generator.
Writing: Concise. Adequately seasoned. Versatile.
Art/design: Solid, intuitive design. Consistent highlight of selectable elements.
Usability: Can be copied to clipboard to save favored wretches for later. 
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