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The Holy Order of Myxogastrian Knights

Concept: “Every aspirant is implanted with a sample of their patron and it strengthens their resolve, piety and wisdom.”
Six quests for initiates seeking to prove their worth (willing or otherwise)
Provides lore and quest sketches; some are more absurd than others
Easily readable body text with stylized headings; includes an illustration of a sample knight and one pretty sweet basilisk icon
GMs will have to supply knight stats and flesh out the quests

The Raining Caves

Concept: "As the world grows dark with Nechrubel’s influence... they farm the mushrooms, listen to the messages they give them, and wait." 
Content: A slick cavern complex full of apostates, visions, monsters, and spores.
Writing: Encounter structure that builds toward the insidious influence of the fungi and the waters on the cultists.
Art/design: Illustrations highlight a traditional text. Variety in typeface throughout. The contrast in type color creates visual breaks between room descriptions. 
Usability: Background, Map, Encounter, and NPC sections blocked. Adventure is best referenced in print. 

Venus Red

“The Mothershrooms are pale white fungi that grow in dark places. When picked up they bleed an intoxicating red substance used by the Sarkash druids to reach the metaphysical island of Venus Red. Here they learned how to uncover forgotten dark secrets, but initiates must find the path on their own risking their life.”
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