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Alex K. Barton

Gleb Tick

“A parasite that feasts upon the very life force of the land.”

Gloaming Mooncalf

“Malformed infants created by the death white moon of Sarkash”


“Instinct alone seems to drive these creatures to collect hands. Yes, hands of all shape, size, and age, as long as they are human.”

Gorehorn of Phon

Concept: “Packs of these noisy violent beasts parade throughout the western kingdom leaving a trail of blood and lost limbs.”
An incredibly noisy meatgrinder
Stats include an extended list of variable specials, and flavor text speculates on origins and describes general behavior
A roughly divided-page layout with art and text; a primarily monochrome image with red as a spot color emphasizes the monster’s physical and aural attacks
The loot it drops will kill you just as hard as the monster will 


“Advent related monster hunting and making blood sacrifices to the antichrist...”

Just Ice

“One of your little groups past has caught up with them. They plead their innocence as the Guards of the Frozen North drag them off to the Ice prisons of Kergus.”


“These ugly gluttons are … all too zealous to barter for fatty rich salted foods in exchange for the soupy yellow substance that they naturally produce in the strange fleshy bowl that makes up the top of their head.”

Lich Stone Plodder

“The violent squirming remains are minced by the common folk and shoved into heavy stone tombs … infect the very stone and dirt with this unholy energy.”

Lore Eye Hellbender

“These strange sad amphibians are born possessed by devilishly intelligent demonic spirits.”

Lurching Knot

Concept: “Born from the wicked intent of the murderous fur trees of Sarkash, the Lurching Knot lumbers forth to crush the bones of those that dare mar or burn its mothers’ flesh.”
An appropriately mörky ent
A hefty behemoth with multiple attacks, each with a unique special
Monochrome with stats and lore arranged around the image
The image is relatively low resolution and a bit difficult to read 

Mörk Borg Compatible Core Reference Cards

Concept: “Do you like TTRPGs? Do you enjoy reference cards filled with items, magical scrolls, beasts, abilities, lore, advice, and hundreds of unique custom illustrations?”
Content: 166 double-sided, tarot-sized reference cards.
Writing: Witty quotes and commentary add texture to each referenced item.
Art/design: Filthy ink splattered across a consistent structure that aids card reference.
Usability: Provided with instructions for print & play for the digital edition. 

Nemori Elemental

Concept: “The large spider like wood spirits toll those what journey through forested areas.”
An aberrant elemental who enjoys shiny things and flattery
A straightforward stat block with an extended special; flavor text provides lore and behavior
Image’s triangular mass splits the mechanics from the lore; image includes partial nudity
Monster conceives offspring by attacking PCs; not for all players 

Noosebound Colubrine

“Their scales like rope, their tails like a hangman’s noose”

Ossarium Vol.1 | Beasts of the Dying Lands

13 contributors
Concept: “Not just a bestiary 
But an ongoing mission to seek out each creature.”
Content: 43 monstrous oddities to delight and horrify scvm.
Writing: Innovated, weird, and storied monsters to hunt and get killed by.
Art/design: Disgustingly tasteful use of color highlight gritty illustrations in dynamic spreads.
Usability: Digital spreads are of varying width to accommodate sidebars and creatures of significant scale. 

Ossarium Vol. 1 + Reference Cards

13 contributors
Concept: “a set of 43 double sided tarot sized cards that contain all the info needed to bring the creatures of Ossarium into your next TTRPG session.”
Content: 43 tarot-sized double-sided creature reference cards.
Writing: Contains complete stats and lore for the creatures of Ossarium Vol. 1.
Art/design: Monstrous depictions in a visually striking yet functional layout.
Usability: Rules in the front. Lore in the back. Print and play instructions are included. 

Pallate Worms

“These creatures subsist on decay but favor blood-soaked soil and can be found in large numbers near battlefields.”

Plight Monger

“Sadistic and cruel creatures of Cube Violet”

Puppet Grass

“Thick tendril-laden Puppet Grass of the southeastern wastes strangles its prey and uses a demonic arcane magic to take hold.”

Rhipidate Edge Throats

Concept: “Damned by their sick desire and bloodthirst Edge Throats endlessly search for a way to quench a hunger unfulfilled in life.”
An efficient killer who teaches PCs a new ability when defeated
Includes a stat block with a description of its ecology and behavior
Illustration’s shape makes a wedge splitting the text reminiscent of the monster’s love of splitting flesh with its blades
Defeating it may be worse than being defeated by it 

Rushlights (Wickhead Spawn)

“Rushlights are unrestrained and ravenously charge their prey in a panicked frenzy of legs and light.”

Scythe Beak Ciaret

Concept: “Sputtering and choking on their own blood they endlessly visit those deemed unworthy of life by their goddess.”
An ancient, fallen race of anthropomorphic avians
A stat block with history and relevant post-combat information (plus a lootable weapon)
The scythe is a beak. Gross.
Monster imparts a curse but the writeup does not include its effects 

Sinfested Schaller of Krypsis

“Time has passed and the followers are no more. In their place, these new strange parasites live.” 

Skin Suit Zoetic

Concept: “A carrion eater of bone, and a wearer of flesh”
A crafty, cowardly skulker of the Dying Land
A short stat block and description of its behavior
The bizarre illustration takes center stage; stats and lore clearly delineated on either side
An interesting choice for parties disinclined toward combat (if such parties exist) 

Spice Ash Urn

Concept: “These animate vessels are known for their sadistic behavior and will lead their pursuers into traps before fleeing.”
A vessel animated by its necromantic contents; potentially nonviolent, but its entourage might be
Includes a description of spice ash, the effects of which are the monster’s special
Dominated by the illustration with stats and lore cleanly separated
A good choice to introduce an encounter with diverse undead monsters 


“Formed from the sewage that flows from Galgenbeck proper the Splat are mindless gelatinous killers.”

Standing Ingress

“A massive toothy mouth that resembles an elaborate door”

Tantrabobus of the Southern Wells

Concept: “These creatures take up residence in wells throughout the dying land.”
Includes stats, random well generator, real-world lore, and tactics for fighting one
Delivers the necessary information but stays scant to spotlight the art
Features plenty of visceral, gritty depictions
Content is spread cross several pages but well organized for easy use

The Anti-Paladin Toolkit

Concept: “Yes, you are a son of a bitch. But, you know in the end there is no one that can judge you.”
Essential items for the aspiring antipaladin
Shot through with sardonic, angry humor
Grungy black on yellow (and vice versa) with some pink for spot color
Some vertically oriented writing but not excessive
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