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Johan’s Forest

Concept: “A mini adventure and a callback to Ancient Skin” 
Content: A desperately venomous little pointcrawl.
Writing: Head-turning depictions like, “At night they merge into one giant bird-snake."
Art/design: Miserable little trees, a filthy little creek, and a few other happy little accidents. 
Usability: A quick sketch for an in-media-res forest crawl. 

Lavandeiras & Biosbardos

Concept: “An encounter with the ghostly midnight washerwomen” &  “A quest to hunt some (maybe not so real) animals”
Nocturnal spirits who entice you to do your own laundry, for weal or woe;  a ruse of an adventure with multiple potential climaxes
Includes descriptive text sets the scene and mechanics to determine the outcome;  very concise but with adequate, compelling imagery and appeal
Efficient design choices delineate segments and make for easy use and reference;  primarily textual with a fun text-based map
A two-in-one bargain

Lord of Chains

7 contributors
Concept:Rob a grave. Steal a blade. Kill the Lord of Chains.
Content: A Graven-Tosk digging, Sarkash roaming, Bastion storming, Shadow King’s prophecy averting point crawl. 
Writing: Energetic and near melodramatic plot sets the tone for a truly torturous adventure.
Art/design: Loud when it ought to be, quiet when it counts. Metal throughout.
Usability: Self-contained, shadowed, and bound in iron chains. 

Odd Gob’s Forest

Concept: “200 legs slink through thorny brush and over fallen trees. A gaping maw of mangled teeth devours all...” 
Content: A many-legged garbage disposal in the underbrush.
Writing: Captures the ravenous hunger of the mighty slorgs.
Art/design: A long trailing creature rearing underneath a fluid and mangled canopy.
Usability: Includes separate creature illustration. 

Samson’s Dead, Where’s His Head?

Concept: “Find Randal in d8 rounds and return the head to Samson’s body before all the blood drains out and Samson’s protective magicks over Sarkash are lost.”
An adventure hook and stat blocks for a chase through Sarkash
Concise, unambiguous, and to the point
Well organized and cleanly laid out
GM will need to fill in incidentals, but the framework is there

Seven Hells and a Dead Paradise

Concept: “in this book you will find Seven Hells to inflict upon your players, and one Dead Paradise. Tie them all together with a Hellish table-crawl, the Eightfold Crypt of the King Orzog”
Content: Seven hells, a lost paradise, a tormented class, body parts, and a dread king’s crypt.
Writing: The history and cosmos of dead gods conveyed in 13 spreads worth of tables and dungeon.
Art/design: Excellent use of public domain imagery as inspiration for the various locals. Tortured sketches of divine punishment.
Usability: Enough material here to flesh out many settings. With an index to use them piecemeal or whole. 

Skin Job

Concept: “More scum have disappeared in the Blood Tree Wood in the past year than normal. No bodies have been found in more than a year.”
Content: A desperate search for missing persons in the Blood Tree Wood, destined to uncover more than bargained for.
Writing: Established adventure setting with clear NPC motivation, local economy, and culture. Accessible encounter tables and game aids extend the suffering.
Art/design: Michael Harmon’s signature crisp detailed line art style with some Mörk Borg design sensibilities in a (slightly) more traditional layout.
Usability: Optimized for use both as pdf and print. With conveniently located reference tables at the beginning and end of the text, mini maps with room descriptions, and pdf bookmarks.

Tales and Poetry of Sarkash

Concept: “The forests of Sarkash are nourished by the dead and feed upon the weak. The inhabitants of this land used 'folksy' tales and poems for centuries to teach each other how to survive this brutal land.” 
Content: Rules to get lost by, monsters to be caught by, and places to be haunted by. With diseases, flora, fauna, artifacts, tables, fables, and poety to distract you from the darkness.
Writing: Folktales, poetry, and marginalia shed light on the dark canopy of Sarkash.
Art/design: Muted warm palette to hide from the illustrated terrors it contains inside.   
Usability: A organized and legible guidebook for any who wander Sarkash. 

The Aching Wood

Concept: "Winne-the-Pooh meets MÖRK BORG! " 
Content: A hex crawl made in the public domain.
Writing: More melancholic than morbid. A slowly fading innocence that questions whether it existed at all.
Art/design: Delicate corruption of the children’s book style reinforces a sense of flagging innocence.
Usability: You won’t get lost in these woods.

The Beastlord Will Feast on Your Flesh

Concept: “The wild beastlord WENDIGO, the living heart of the woods, holds a potent, unshakeable hatred of you.”
Incorporates tons of community creations into a predator-prey scenario
Tables for conflicts, resolutions, and locations; lots of amusing one-liners
Solid choices of illustrations and graphics
Ergonomic in digital and print forms

The Crypt of the Heretical Botanist Margar Veit

Concept: “Denounced by the Church for HERESY, MARGAR was hunted by the inquisition, but never found. Until, perhaps, now.”
Content: This pamphlet dungeon leads deep to the loamy soil of an unholy botanist's crypt.
Writing: The lore planted in each encounter sheds light on the extent of Veit’s heretical horticultural experiments. 
Art/design: Easy to reference in all three versions. Clear isometric map with a morbid botanical flourish.
Usability: Pamphlets available in print-friendly and full color versions. With a digital version for phone/tablet reference. Suitable as a cold open, requires a forest to begin the adventure as written. 

The Sundrenched King

Concept: “The coronation is approaching. Helvius will die. Long live Helvius.   
You are newcomers to Hunningbury. You are here to stop the coronation.”
Content: Rabble-rousing and regicide in the kingdom of Hunningbury.
Writing: A hard timer lends urgency to the political intrigue. There are many options to prepare for the assault on Helvius in his keep, all of them viable.
Art/design: Quaint and idyllic imagery belies the unpleasant realities of Hunningbury. 
Usability: Political intrigue that works for both talk and sword happy scvm. 

The Troll of Njernheim

7 contributors
Concept: “a small scenario about an isolated village, a troll and the adventures of the characters while hunting said troll for a reward.”
Content: A troll extermination forest crawl.
Writing: An established micro-setting, with a complex village, forest adventure, and random encounters.
Art/design: Strong cover illustration, with the occasional spot illustration in a crisp two-column layout.
Usability: Complete adventure format that lends itself to advanced reading. 

This Forest Breathes

Concept: “Pulsing with green life, lit without sun, the secret to this sprawling wood lies within its lifeblood: somewhere, deep past crawling vines and scurrying creatures, is a pool, its crystal-clear waters holding the secret to life eternal.”
Content: A bizarre subterranean forest crawl
Predominantly textual and relies on the writing to convey the intended tone
A variety of layouts, some more traditional than others, and an array of typefaces all within a limited palette
Eternal life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

Two Hunters

Concept: “A Mörk Borg album crawl based on Two Hunters (2007) by Wolves In The Throne Room”
A wilderness scenario with a slew of stat blocks and items
Keeps a tight focus on the scenario and dynamic but opens multiple entry points for PCs
Use of green helps set the scene while other colors and typefaces keep it anchored in the Mörk-Borg aesthetic
Design choices are helpful for navigating the document

Warden of the Wyld

Concept: “The forest is always watching...” 
Content: “A creature that defends the forest, appearing as friend or foe to those who encounter it.”
Writing: A simple stat block that bleats for itself.
Art/design: Some intentional ambiguity lends mystery to the nature of this warden.
Usability: Floor your friends and leave them stunned. 

What’s Black As Night

“Pine trees rearranging,
Permafrost crushing,
Colorful berries dot the void,
Bitter winds howl on frozen trees,
Red stain of fresh kill,
Snowfall entombs.” 
Content: A frigid, howling, blood-splattered forest crawl.   
Writing: A Grimm amalgamation of storybook wolves in all their gory detail.
Art/design: A vivid hybridization of illustration styles splattered in blood and red text.
Usability: Available in full-color gothic and plain text. With a player map and bonus wallpaper. 

Zwyntar Pass

Concept: “Hunt a troll at a pass at Graven-Tosk... inspired by a Ukrainian band called Zwyntar.” 
Content: A rambling troll hunt between trunks and tombstones, from Grift to Galgenbeck.
Writing: A dynamic point crawl with events that evolve as scvm wander the trails.
Art/design: Bright red trail markings with black text before saturated yellow tombstones and tree trunks.
Usability: Double-sided print layout separates player and gamemaster information. 
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