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Kult of the Ouroboros

Concept: “In the sacred sanctuary, Job patiently awaits, extending an offer of transcendence and deliverance from the ever-watchful gaze of oblivion.” 
Content: A karmic snake kult crawl.
Writing: Full of moral quandaries your scvm will probably ignore, which might arguably be for the best. Transcendence is subjective.
Art/design: Delightfully detailed overhead map, and characterful NPC illustrations stylistically placed highlight a structured two-column adventure layout.
Usability: Minimalist minimap makes for easy room orientation reference during play. 

Kult Proroka Pnączy (The Cult of the Vine Prophet)

Concept: “Odkryj tajemnicę złowrogiego Kultu Proroka Pnączy i staw czoła jego groźnym wyznawcom w ekscytującym jednostronicowym module do Mörk Borga!” 
Content: A overgrown, larva-infested, basement cult-crawl.
Writing: A convincing cult hideout. With agency, ecology, and ingenuity. Captured in a moment.
Art/design: Grimy and vine-choked isometric map captures a moment in time.
Usability: Stylish and organized. Polish & English language. 

Lead Damsel

Concept: “A torture instrument, a derelict of shame, a piece of a broken past...” 
Content: Lesser-known cousin of the Maiden of Iron. A haunted relic of past tortures.
Writing: A simple, and cursed, contraption.
Art/design: A happy maiden reveals sharp teeth and painful rules text.
Usability: Designed for Forbidden Psalm, usable in Mörk Borg. 

Level 21: F L E S H

Concept: “The end is near, but to get there you must pass through a disgusting mess of flesh, blood, and bone to open the final door and see what awaits you.”
Content: A “fantastic voyage” through an inhuman body.
Writing: Literal body horror. You’re in a body, and it’s horrible.
Art/design: Fleshy maps, scratched out sketches, and hand lettered teeth bulk out an irregular two column layout.
Usability: Consistent visual hierarchy aids in navigation and reference. 

Man is the Warmest Place to Hide

Concept: “Something hungry lurks in the dungeon, it has one goal...”
Content: One Shifting Dungeon. The worst game of tag ever. You do not want to become IT.
Writing: A trap-filled sandbox for your scvm to get paranoid in.
Art/design: Simple illustrated maps and public domain images.
Usability: Currently still an ashcan. 

Membrane of Sarkantha & Sarcopha-ghost

Concept: “Two devilish hazards every death-defying dungeon delver must learn to avoid.”
A living(ish) doorway trap and a melancholic spirit
Adds dimension and depth to concepts
Illustrations express the monsters’ ephemerality
It’s hard to screw up a Mörk Borg stat block 

Metal Spider Webs

Concept: “Made of tiny filaments of metal, the web can be deployed across any opening.”
A fairly straightforward trap that puts a hurt on anyone who walks straight through it
Folds the mechanics into the descriptive text
Predominant colors capture the core element of this concept: metal and blood
Easily transplantable into your dungeon of choice (bonus if it already has spiders in it) 

Micheál Reidy’s Misery’s Keep

Concept: “an independent production by Micheál Reidy… hastening the final Misery”
Content: A miserable keep-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle, treasure to steal, and dolls…
Art/design: Shades of black, red, and gray. Restrained text elements. Humorous emphasis on licensing text.
Usability: There’s a doll spotting mini-game.

Misery’s Hole

Concept: “an independent production by Philipp Teich… hastening the final Misery” 
Content: A miserable keep hole-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle hole, treasure to steal, and dolls… (the original text has been slightly altered to accommodate the “reframing”)
Art/design: A pdf format that’s surprisingly deep, with rich off-whites that lend weight to the tons of stone looming overhead.
Usability: Well-placed, and clearly highlighted room text aids reference.  

Mörk Bird

Concept: “Inevitably when its prey looks up to the sky it pounces”
Content: The shadow of a bird.
Writing: Some serious OSR ambush predator energy.
Art/design: Well-organized table layout.
Usability: Don’t look up. 

Nacnudllah’s Misery’s Keep

Concept: “an independent production by Duncan Hall… hastening the final Misery” 
Content: A miserable keep-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle, treasure to steal, and dolls… 
Art/design: Subtle and considered tri-fold that makes excellent use of angle, tone, and profile. Includes a critical visual reinterpretation of “undead doll”.
Usability: Stylized, decorated, legible, and printable.

Nvrsery of the Changeling

Concept: “A spooky nursery that can stand alone (ish) or be added to any Mork Borg dungeon, especially the MORK MEGADUNGEON.”
Content: Not your mama’s nvrsery (I hope).
Writing: A precious story of big mama and her precious little one, and the broken bodies left in their wake.
Art/design: Baby-proofed layout in black, white, and yellow. Complete with a picture of the precious little one and the layout of their humble home.
Usability: Contains a rare modification to existing character classes. 

Odd Fellows

Concept: “The Odd Fellow cult secreted the bodies of its mendicant members in coffins hidden inside the walls and closets of buildings throughout the Dying World.”
A surprise dead guy who comes out of coffin and does mean things to PCs
Some lore about the dead guy and a table of mean things
Illustration in brown and ochre conjures an appropriately moldering atmosphere
A versatile and setting-appropriate trap; pretty spry for a dead guy

Rugose Kohn’s Misery’s Keep

Concept: “an independent production by Rugose Kohn… hastening the final Misery” 
Content: A miserable keep-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle, treasure to steal, and dolls… 
Art/design: A efficient, organized, and evocative little book, with well-placed illustrations to inspire theatre of the mind gameplay.
Usability: Kohn made me do crafts. It requires scissors, and glue if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Tajemnice Eterycznej Twierdzy

Concept: “Widoczne w oddali ruiny twierdzy zakrzywiają otaczającą rzeczywistość. Światło wydaje się być wciągane wgłąb czarnych murów. Dlaczego tu przyszliście? To teraz bez znaczenia. Ważniejsze jest czy i jak stąd wyjdziecie.” 
Content: A time-frozen, flesh-warping, light-sucking fortress crawl.
Writing: An entertaining mix of motivated factions in a situation that’s ready to spiral out of control. In short, a good night of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Dark and menacing AI-generated figures haunt a simple map in a tri-fold layout.
Usability: Organized into clear sections, legible, Polish. 

Take then thy bond

Concept: “The voice inside your head commands you: Travel to the wastelands and find the wretched peak. Scour its halls. Bring me its heart, the rest of the treasure is yours.”
A putrid pyramid crawl full of heart—and other organs.
Encounters are lively and responsive, often in unexpected ways. Pregnant with activity.
Bold cover art of the titular encounter. Table of contents and mini-map layout aid in navigating this moderately sized adventure.
Encounter descriptions diminish accidental revelations. Surprises reach player and GM simultaneously. 

Tame Your Demons

Concept: “‘Come! Come! Sit with me. Let us bask in the glorious light of the Prescient Flame. Gaze into its depths. The Flame sees all. What do you see?’ 
—Seskel the Flamekeeper” 
Content: A tallow-melting, candle-burning, demon-facing altar crawl.
Writing: An atmospheric and sensory experience suitable to horror and suspense.
Art/design: A single-column adventure with simple spot illustrations and a clear top-down dungeon map.
Usability: Organized and system neutral, with stats for Mörk Borg and 5e D&D. 

Tar Spirit

Concept: “Tar Spirits seem to find dark amusement in the futile efforts of those they ensnare” 
Content: A rather persistent dance partner. 
Writing: That delicate balance of whimsy and clinging horror familiar to Sarkash natives.
Art/design: Adorable little lumps, a happily dancing marionette, and a menacing pink flame.
Usability: Quick to reference, fulfilling to read. 

Temple of Trechery

Concept: “An LSD trip of an adventure for Mörk Borg” 
Content: As above (so below).
Writing: A deeply rooted plot that’s sure to decay into a psychedelic trip, whether idylic or hellish is up to your scvm.
Art/design: A collection of print illustrations, and a few tastefully generated portraits which produce that strange hallucinatory feeling.
Usability: Well-organized and flexible. Available in German, with English translation in the works. 

The Crypt of the Heretical Botanist Margar Veit

Concept: “Denounced by the Church for HERESY, MARGAR was hunted by the inquisition, but never found. Until, perhaps, now.”
Content: This pamphlet dungeon leads deep to the loamy soil of an unholy botanist's crypt.
Writing: The lore planted in each encounter sheds light on the extent of Veit’s heretical horticultural experiments. 
Art/design: Easy to reference in all three versions. Clear isometric map with a morbid botanical flourish.
Usability: Pamphlets available in print-friendly and full color versions. With a digital version for phone/tablet reference. Suitable as a cold open, requires a forest to begin the adventure as written. 

The Entombed

Concept: “Long ago, a devious mage entombed a zombie within a make-shift wall blocking a secret passage.”
The old zombie-behind-a-fake-wall-guarding-a-secret-passage gag
Provides a general step-by-step guide for springing this trap
Text layout cleverly mimics a gap in a stone wall
“PCs should never play with dead things.” 

The False Mother

Concept: “The False Mother will carry it’s clutch like a mother would carry her infant child”
Content: A different sort of mother.
Writing: Another horrifically unique spider life cycle.
Art/design: Well-organized table layout.
Usability: Brephophobia is the fear of infants. In case you need it. 

The Fevre Pytt

Concept:The stench. The flies. The touch of clammy flesh. You have been cast into the Fever Pytt to die.”
Content: A corpse pile crawl through a mispurposed cistern in The Western Kingdom.
Writing: A festering pytt of viscera and gore that bursts with sickening mechanics to back it up.
Art/design: Currently only available as plaintext.
Usability: Standardized room description layout aids in reference. 

The Grapes of Psych

Concept: “Ravel, the exuberant goat ogre necromancer… has been kidnapping local villagers. Track him to the vineyard which he has made into his depraved and psychedelic lair.”
Content: An ogre powered, wine fueled, zombie infested, psychedelic crossword puzzle dungeon.
Writing: Manages to build a disturbingly coherent theme from a crossword puzzle selection, all while making a Goat Ogre into something truly menacing.
Art/design: Map inspired by a crossword puzzle. Well-chosen Goat Ogre art.
Usability: Visit the vineyard, drink the wine, deathmatch a Goat Ogre.

The Hanging Man

Concept: “Found randomly along paths or within larger halls in dungeons, these innocuous-looking skeletons appear to hang limply from a gibbet.”
A trap of sorts for use in dungeons or during travel
Concise and straightforward
Even without the license, the graphic design leaves no doubt about what game this is meant for
Easy to use; a good hazard to add a little jump scare to a session 

The Hidden Hemlighet Prison

Concept: “Укрытая холодными лапами Кергюса, эта тюрьма - маленький лимб для дворян, откуда лишь два пути, и оба ведут в ледяную могилу.” 
Content: A frozen aristocratic prison resurrection-crawl.
Writing: A notorious prison where nobles pay to live out their death sentences, with corruption revealed behind every door.
Art/design: A gorgeously rendered isometric map and character illustrations paint a clear picture of each encounter.
Usability: Highlighted room illustrations with each encounter for easy reference of details on the map with each encounter. Available in Russian. 

The Hungering Halls of Haat the Pitiful

Concept: “Lost, tired, and starved... you are greeted by a pitiful small man who offers a tour of the wonders within while trying to hide blood stains on the floor.” 
Content: A pitifully persistent guided tour-crawl
Writing: A thoroughly unexpected escort quest with positively soul-wrenching implications.
Art/design: A gritty map and thoroughly splattered reference text in a dramatic and high-contrast pamphlet layout.
Usability: Stylish text that is legible in print or at full resolution. 

The Lost Theater

Concept: “it looks like you have the main role in the new play… It will be a gruesome story tonight… The third bell has already rung, take your seat and enjoy the show…”
Content: A theater dungeon in three acts.
Writing: The skeleton of a script to allows for easy improvisation anchored in concise descriptions of actors and events.
Art/design: Detailed Illustrated maps set the stage. Text blocks and bulleted room encounters set the scene.
Usability: Printer Friendly. 

The Tight Grip

Concept: “You have been tasked with stealing an artifact from a forgotten temple for a collector of rarities... You have received a hint: ‘Follow the left hand, the left eye reveals the path.’” 
Content: A pot collecting, bounty escaping, possession crawl.
Writing: An entertaining mix of motivated factions in a situation that’s ready to spiral out of control. In short, a good night of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Hazy sketches of cheerless figures and grisly horror occasionally sully an otherwise clean plaintext layout.
Usability: Black and white. Text separated from darker illustrations for ease of printing. 

Trapped Within

Concept: “’Descending further into delirious madness, King Fathmu IX is haunted by visions of mockery... (he) imprisons everyone who seems a threat in his underground prison. Terrified traitors, aspiring necromancers, powerful demagogues and even scum like you.’” 
Content: A warped, demented, and bloody prison crawl with two new classes, items, tools, and apocalyptic campaign aids.
Writing: A gonzo trip with some devious twists. Accessible at multiple levels of play, from dungeon crawls to a dramatic campaign.
Art/design: A grimy, yet familiar, adventure layout which deviates from expectations to emphasize its most unusual or dramatic encounters.
Usability: Strongly visual, yet highly structured and easy to navigate in play. 
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