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Gargantuan Ectoparasite

Concept: “The size of a castle.”
A monstrous, scavenging vermin
Direct and to the point
Giant and ugly
Seriously lethal—but you can ride it

Garth Grimgar’s Guide to the Flora of the Dying World

Concept: “These are the field notes of the famously reclusive Occult Herbmaster Garth Grimgar, found in the ruins of his hut years after his death.”
Content: An Herbmaster’s guide to 16 flora and fauna and their medicinal use.
Writing: Decoctions and their mechanics cleverly disguised as field observations.
Art/design: Weathered, hand-inked visual style achieves a found document aesthetic
Usability: Consistent and legible. Do not try these recipes at home. 

Giant Moth Demon

Concept: “It is rarely seen until it is too late, after it has grabbed livestock or a hapless human.”
It’s a giant moth.
Sketches behavior and provides a concise stat block
Embraces Mörk Borg’s penchant for public domain art and violent pinkness
Simple and easy to use


Concept: “The Goblant is a hybrid of a Goblin and a Giant Ant, and carries the Goblin curse.”
Content: Like goblins, but worse.
Writing: Just the mechanics. Let the name and depiction do most of the work.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin.
Usability: Practically begging for a goblant colony. 

Goblant Drone

Concept: “The Goblant Drone is a hybrid of a Goblin and a Giant Ant, and carries the Goblin curse.”
Content: A worker goblant.
Writing: Just mechanics. The name and depiction do all the work.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin. Ready to work.
Usability: It’s probably building the goblant colony. 

Goblant King

Concept: “Wearing only a loincloth and a child's tin crown, this abomination leads the Goblant colony. Armed with a skull-headed sceptre, he is itching for a good fight!”
Content: King of the goblants. Complete with tin crown and skull sceptre.
Writing: The origin of goblants revealed. Magic skull sceptre adds variety to the encounter.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin. 
Usability: A goblant colony waiting to happen. All it takes is one. 

Hollow Saint

Concept: “The wooden cocoon of the saint burst open to reveal a horrible half human, half moth creature of godly compusure.”
Includes all three phases of the monster’s lifecycle
Descriptive text serves as a legend and hook; mechanical text is simple and easy to use
Some very cool, inspiring artwork
A big “yes” both mechanically and conceptually

Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies

Concept: “The powers and locations of artifacts made from the remains of the Sacred Tragedies... that gives insight into the Order of Her Devoted Midwives sect”
Content: Three single-sheet pamphlet adventures, and one on a new sect of the One Trve Faith.
Writing: A plausibly disturbing take on Basilisk worship which ties the adventures together into a larger optional campaign.
Art/design: A consistent palette makes for a cohesive collection, while exploration of contrast differentiates each pamphlet.
Usability: Well designed for use as a physical prop at the table. Get them in print if you can. 

Knowledge is Power

Concept: “The great library of Galgenbeck is ruled by mole-like characters... It only makes sense that they would feed on bookwörms.”
Content: Worms that travel through books, figuratively.
Writing: A monster that encourages literacy. Laudable.
Art/design: I couldn’t spot the bookwörm in the backdrop.
Usability: Design that makes it easy to search for bookwörms. 

Lighthouse of Weeping Bluff

Concept: “Your ship is destined to splinter on the bluffs if the light isn’t relit, condemning you to live out your remaining days in this icy hell-hole.”
A ticking-clock adventure that encompasses the journey to the lighthouse and the hornet-infested lighthouse itself
Clearly written and punctuated with visceral imagery and details
Red and yellow elements direct attention without hindering usability; hornets crawling around the page are a fun, immersive touch
Well-organized text and clever use of color to coordinate it with the maps

Lilith's Biblia Blasphemia

Concept: “Inspired by Nurse With Wound's album Soliloquy for Lilith”
Content: “Six otherworldly abominable creatures to kill and maim your player's characters”
Stat blocks and copious descriptive text for entries
Features full-page illustrations for each
Special abilities are a bit more elaborate than Mörk Borg’s baseline

Lord of Flies

Concept: “We are hundreds, thousands and millions of flying insects that move your body.”
Content: A bug-based class
Concise and straightforward without skimping on character
Relatively conservative with typefaces and visual elements, but features a great illustration
Probably not for entomophobes

Lord of the Flies

Concept: “The lord of flies appears whenever the smell of death is too strong for any human to endure, when rivers of blood flow and soak the earth.”
A giant, gross fly commanding a bunch of regular-size, gross flies
Concise but effective in the flavor text and mechanics
A strange but oddly endearing illustration
High HP + ability to bypass armor and ignore manipulation = potentially lethal

Marrow Bees & Osteapiarists

Concept: “The Marrow Bees’ honey is tasty and valuable…. if you can get to it. If they don’t bore into your bones and you escape the Osteopiarists.”
Parasitic bees, their (in)toxic(ating) honey, and their keepers
A fair split of flavor and mechanics, both well conceived and written
Subtle but effective representations of colonized humans
Honey mechanics are split, but not detrimental on a 1-page document

Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic

9 contributors
Concept: “A zine full of MÖRK BORG stuff. Most of it is created by our wonderful community and will be (or already is) made available for free download on, but there is also exclusive official material.”
Generators for cults and curses, feats, 2 classes, black-powder weapons, 2 long adventures, a pair of 1-page dungeons, and a quartet of monsters/NPCs
Varies by author but consistently emphasizes images and concepts that are grim, creepy, and/or outright weird
Every entry’s layout, graphic design, and coloration are distinct, creating a lot of visual diversity and easy navigability; sweet foil printing on the cover and first page; fold-out covers just to cram as much content into this zine as possible
The only obstacle is deciding what to read first.

Mörk Bug

Concept: “Elaborates on the roles of insects in underground gambling in the setting”
Stats for bugs, gear for catching bugs, rules for selling bugs, an entothropic character class, and a sprawling bug-fighting-arena-slash-gambling-parlor
Clear and readable with Kelly’s characteristic wit
Designed and laid out for readability with some buggy, Borgy flair
Laid out and designed for easy reading and reference

On the Slaughterfront

Concept: “The basilisks demand blessings from Prügl … but she’s already been abducted by another cult.”
A twisted, insect-themed dungeon
Highly descriptive with striking imagery and some clever rimshots
Nice balance of color, text, and graphics that keeps it easily readable
Hollow and full of bugs, just like it should be


Concept: “Your Master’s deranged, fanatically devoted servant.”
Content: An obsessive and blood bug-fueled fanatic,
Writing: Mechanics which bind you devotionally to your Master.
Art/design: Intense visual elements in an exaggerated theatrical design.
Usability: Dependent on interaction with a Master figure. 

Storm-Tossed Lepidopterist

“Everything you know ripped away in chaos but in that moment you found clarity. All it takes is the wing beat of a butterfly and you can change everything.”

Street Spider

Concept: “Fat swollen spider the size of a dog.”
A fat swollen spider the size of a dog. Also poisonous.
Provides a paragraph-long scenario/hooks with stat block and infection conditions
Psychedelic tarantula invasion
Unusual stat arrangement but not obstructive

Swarm Sworn Stooge

Concept: “Horrifying undead marionettes absorbed into the hivemind of a swarm of creepy-crawlies”
Features four different swarms with two optional “gifts” from each
A strong blend of information and attitude
Text is arranged for easy reading with the empty space filled with images of aforementioned creepy-crawlies
A creative array of appropriate class features

The Dungescape Issue 2

Concept: “Rugged tunnels far beneath the dirt of the earth. What stirs in the dark with all-seeing eyes, beaks, and claws, scratching the stone?”
Content: An escape dungeon, full of feathered “friends”.
Writing: Social elements add a dynamic element to the dungeon.
Art/design: Top-down map and creature illustrations highlight a compact two-page dungeon reference.
Usability: Compact and organized for easy reference of the entire dungeon during play. 

The Glass Herbarium

Concept: “The Herbarium is beautiful and warm. It grows fruits and vegetables despite the snow. And just one taste of the bright red apples that grow inside its glass walls is enough to bewitch a man.”
Content: A location adventure featuring glass, destructible flooring, and plants that probably want to do dreadful things to you.
Writing: The Glass Herbarium’s concise efficient prose blooms into a brilliant, weird fantasy adventure.
Art/design: Consistently clean art and layout hint at a glass sanctuary protected from the scvm of the dying world. 
Usability: Clean but not sterile. Strong stylistic hierarchy makes for easy navigation and reference during play. 

The Mothman

Concept: “A nocturnal wanderer of the shattered world, a vile thing, seeking to snuff out any light that may be remaining.”
A malicious take on the mothman of Point Pleasant
Clear stat block with concise bits of flavor text
Layout & aesthetic capture the dynamic of moths flitting around a flame
The functional mechanics are split on the page and not well differentiated from the descriptive text, but it’s a small concession to the overall excellence of the visual design

The Sundrenched King

Concept: “The coronation is approaching. Helvius will die. Long live Helvius.   
You are newcomers to Hunningbury. You are here to stop the coronation.”
Content: Rabble-rousing and regicide in the kingdom of Hunningbury.
Writing: A hard timer lends urgency to the political intrigue. There are many options to prepare for the assault on Helvius in his keep, all of them viable.
Art/design: Quaint and idyllic imagery belies the unpleasant realities of Hunningbury. 
Usability: Political intrigue that works for both talk and sword happy scvm. 

Things That Go Bump

Concept: “a collection of classic horror monsters to terrorize your players. Perfect for gothic horror settings or really anything spooky and dark.”
Content: 13 more somber monsters with a few dashes of weird
Writing: Concise and easily readable/usable
Art/design: Creates striking spreads with text and public domain images presented in black, white, teal, and red; good use of color lets certain layouts breathe without feeling empty
Usability: Grab your d13 and go wild 

This Adventure is Full of Flies

Concept: “contains enough insects to sustain the average player for an evening of abject pestilence.”
Content: A pamphlet adventure with a village that practically vomits insects.
Writing: Tightly woven adventure text with many subplots and callbacks to distract Scvm from all the bugs they’ve probably swallowed.
Art/design: Surprisingly clean text. Design elements reinforce narrative structure. Insect imagery hints at the horrors dominant in certain locales.
Usability: A self-contained village adventure simply bursting with replay value.
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