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The Leper Espoused

Concept: “The masked mother of the babe that will end the world.”
Content: An IKHON representing all that is filthy and unwanted (like your Scvm)
Writing: Rules bursting with narrative
Art/design: Sickeningly detailed art with slick graphical design elements.
Usability: A boon to any Scvm with the fortitude to accept THE Leper’s blessing. 

The Pest House

Concept: “Enter the pest house, fight past the screaming corpses, find patient zero, and hopefully live to see another miserable week.”
Content: A good doctor’s mistake, Galgenbeck’s problem.
Writing: A highly volatile plague crawl, full of pressure, pus, and projectile vomiting.
Art/design: A sturdy top-down manor illustration in a forest of text, with the occasional pink and yellow highlight.
Usability: Highlights emphasize frequently referenced monsters and mechanics. 

The Plagued Crypt of Helvete

6 contributors
Concept: “When a horrible plagued beast invades Galgenbeck, the party takes a bounty to seek out the source in the doomed forests of the north!”
Content: A plague-ridden, demon-driven bounty crawl.
Writing: A cinematic flair with a three-act structure, detailed boxed text, and staged set-piece encounters. A plague token mechanic produces both risk and “incentive” for scvm.
Art/design: A variety of visual styles with the notable addition of an introductory comic strip. 
Usability: A core two-column structure with consistent hierarchy aids in table reference. 

The Shit-Black Death

Concept: “Mechanics for virulent contagion”
Rules for micro- and macro-impact of plague
Heavy on text and on everything else
Relatively subdued; primarily meant to facilitate usability
Complex but not overly complicated; requires external MBC resources

Tragic Castle Obsession

Content: A vampire castle dungeon, and Old Nick album crawl.
Writing: A full-blooded and aggressive parody of spooky vampire dungeons.
Art/design: Illustrations reinforce the cheesy haunted castle aesthetic.
Usability: Highlighted mini-map and column sidebar make for convenient table reference. 

Warg Borg – Clan of the Fang

Concept: “add some flavor of the moon to your game/sessions.”
Content: “a lycanthropy supplement”
Writing: A template with core combat mechanics and an outline of the rituals of Clan Fang.
Art/design: Public domain prints in a cohesive and organized three-column layout.
Usability: Work in progress. With four more clans to be established. 

What’s Wrong with Me, Doctor?

Concept: “You’re obviously infected, but with what? Monkey Pox? Weeping Plague? Gods save you if it’s the Black Fits.”
A gross of diseases generated on a pair of 12-point tables
Nasty descriptions of symptoms and even nastier descriptions of fatalities
Figures and background visually support motifs of illness and mortality
A good tool for adding character to basic infection
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