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Concept: “They thought that all of Anuk Schleger's Scriptures were uncovered. I wish they had been right.”
Content: Rules, Tables, Character Traits, Diseases, Treatment & Body Mods, Dungeons, Bounties, Followers, Gear, Summoning, Monsters, Monstrous Classes. A little of everything.
Writing: A variety show with distinct blends of humor and horror throughout.
Art/design: Dementedly scrawled art and public domain images cut through with Mörk Borgian Design Sensibilities
Usability: Clear rules, table of contents, thoughtful page references at the beginning of the monster section. 

ASH - Angry Sawtooth Hermits

Concept: “Members of one of the most secret and unknown heretical branches of the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisks”
Content: “Angry Sawtooth Hermits must have one or both of their arms surgically removed and then replaced with saws.”
Writing: A narrative depiction of a murderous saw-toothed cult.
Art/design: Blood splattered, boldly titled, gruesomely illustrated.
Usability: No established mechanical text. Stat it yourself. 

Assassin Snail

“A giant, flesh-eating snail that specialises in pulling its prey out of any protective armour before devouring the poor soul whole”

A Weasel’s Funeral

Concept: “Travelling down the road, you come against a procession of weasels in mourning.”
A funerary procession of weasels
A short description of the scene and stats for the weasels
Relatively minimalist but presented well for use at the table
  Best not to disrupt their mourning

Awful Pets

Concept: “Tired of plain old pets? Well, step right up to this completely legitimate establishment.”
8 basilisk friends for you to take home (or to a fun dungeon)
A veritable blender of sarcasm, irony, and overt humor—a fun read
Could easily be a full-page ad in The Dying Land Gazette
Generate your own basilisk in only 3 rolls

Babalon’s Hangover

Concept: “The mother of abominations woke up expecting after a feast held in the pits of doom and gloom.”
Content: 40 diverse monsters to add depth and flavor; many truly striking concepts
Writing: Some evocative prose and poetry; first- and second-person instructional text adds a personal tone but may break immersion for some readers
Art/design: Skillfully captures Mörk Borg’s aesthetic
Usability: Streamlined stat blocks, clear tables, and instructional text for linked entries and creature categories

Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 


Concept: “I made the artist Backxwash into a boss encounter… I shared it on Twitter and she liked it”
Content: An undying banshee who will rip your heart out.
Writing: A voice that will burn you to ashes. Hands that will tear right through you. She’s about as boss as it gets.
Art/design: The mork-ification of Lady Backxwash. A cautionary scrawl about her fucking hands.
Usability: Dangerous abilities and resurrection make for a recurring villain for any campaign. 

Ballad of Bergharuth

Concept: “Tales of an ancient demon prince. Demonic tunes from his flute make the earth tremble and crack open, revealing terrors previously unseen.”
Copious lore, a table of guises Bergharuth takes, and stats for Suffocating Tentacles
A sinister tone and visceral, violent imagery; also includes some nascent adventure seeds
Repetition of organic forms and lines help create a visual unity and graphically represent the concepts described in the text
Could be implemented as a background plot or counternarrative to the primary apocalyptic scenario

Basilisks Hate Grundel Fims

Concept: “The heretical bard spewing optimism in the inns of the Dying World”
The all-singing, all-dancing crap of the crappy world
Includes lore, a stat block, a little ditty, and stats for the patrons they inspire
Typographically differentiates the various components, plus a whole lot of basilisks crawling all over everything
He’ll hit you with his lute, apparently


Concept: “BEAR-THING Hungry. BEAR-THING Angry. BEAR-THING Hangry.”
An undead amalgam of bear and goblin (but also undead)
Succinctly but entertainingly describes behavior and motivation
Economic arrangement of text around a pretty expressive image
Keeps PCs on their toes by knocking them off their feet (with its blood)

Beast from the Lightless Depths

“Long ago your kind had formed an ancient peace treaty with those from the lightless depths vowing never to step foot in each other's domain again. One such behemoth, the Beast, has now broken this treaty.”

Bergen Chrypt

Concept: "What else would you call Bergen Chrypt than an infectious rash? Filthy pockmarks on the skin of the earth... Scratch, scratch, until black blood pours from the clefts... faces contorted, in equal measures, with disgust and greed." 
Content: One Bergen Crawling Campaign, d10 occult treasure, 4 new factions, 7 locations, 7 encounter tables, and 8 new monsters.
Writing: A morbid tapestry of factions, locations, and personalities that won’t leave your players out in the cold.
Art/design: Richly textured illustrations integrated into dynamic spreads with dreamlike consistency.
Usability: Consistency in basic principles, coupled with a practical table of contents makes for a stylistic, but navigable design. 


Concept: “The artefact which has come into your possession... these notes-however crude they may seem-however cursed and however twisted, are notes that I would guard with my life.”
Content: 40+ nightmarish monsters, a vampire-like class, lore, tables, a dungeon.
Writing: Renford P. Logan’s journalistic endeavors frame this collection of strongly themed creatures and locales. Realistic portrayals of disturbing events lend weight to the creatures and locales. It is enjoyable to both read and reference.
Art/design: Characterful two-tone illustrations and text elements in a balanced layout. Reserved but impactful use of color.
Usability: Thematic organization in a strong table of contents make for low prep referencing. 


Concept: “The chimeric amalgams and abominable hybrids from origins unknown are wreaking havoc and terrorizing the area. No end in sight to their squalid reign.”
30 creatures, 900 combinations to mix and match (including BASILISKS) with tables for hooks and additional features
Brutally entertaining
Absolutely meticulous
Includes digital Stitcherer generator; product page includes instructions for printing as a zine or as cards, or you can just mutilate the book (and this is one of the few times that’s okay)

Betty Blackteeth

Concept: “Her decaying skin, stringy hair, nails and teeth are stained by the peat-blackened waters where she prowls.”
Jenny Greenteeth adapted to the swamps of the Greater Galgenbeck area
Descriptive text provides character and tactics; stat block includes a chain of nasty Specials
Builds the isolated, suffocating atmosphere that defines the monster
This is why you shouldn't play in swamps (or maybe why you should when you're playing Mörk Borg)

Big F’n Rock

Concept: “Röck Borg”
It’s a big f’n rock
Infuses the mechanics with some grim humor
Use of color keeps text visible against but coordinated with ground
Rock ’n roll

Bird of Ill Omen

Concept: “‘They are often seen before Miseries befall the world, leading many to believe them to be agents of Verhu, Nechrubel, or some other malevolent entity.”
Relatively benign; may transfer Omens from players to the GM, and feathers allow PCs to re-roll low Omen rolls (at a cost)
Mostly mechanics with concise description of behavior
Monochrome silhouette suits the monster concept
Additional in-game lore, inspiration, and hooks provided on the product page 

Birth of the Unsaint

“A bleak look at the birth of a supposed saviour, and your quest to end it before it is fully realized.”

Black Adder

Concept: “A submission to the Babalonian jam!”
Danger noodle (sometimes called a nope rope)
Stat block and a mechanically straightforward but still twisted special ability
An object lesson in pictures being worth a thousand words
Special damage adds more nuance to an already sturdy monster

Black Lady

Concept: “You dreamed about a black lady silently screaming and pointing the finger at you…”
A retributive, relentless night-haint
Lore and mechanics are both delivered clearly and efficiently
Clearly delineate segments of text and uses color and typeface to add emphasis
Escapable but not killable; has the potential to debilitate long-term guests

Black Poodle

Concept: “Eyes like embers of hell that pierce deep inside you. The BLACK POODLE taunts its victims – attacking only when it is provoked.”
A cunning, monstrous hound that can induce fight, flight, or freeze responses in PCs
Describes sinister behavior alongside stat block and Specials
Gets a lot of aesthetic mileage out of a relatively limited set of elements
Definitive proof that poodles are jerks

Black Shuck

Concept: “An aphotic fur that almost seems invisible to the naked eye.”
A formidable four-legged opponent
Quick, concise stat block
Relatively conservative but with an expressive illustration
A challenge for lower- and even mid-level scvm; dog biscuits probably won’t improve its reaction

Black Shuck

Concept: “Prowling the shadows near gallows, battlefields, and other sites of violent death, Black Shuck is a foul omen.”
A supernatural portent of impending death (yours)
An even split between descriptive text and mechanics
Text is also visually split by the central image of Black Shuck
Easy to use but difficult to kill, making him ideal to hound your players with

Blaze Marches East

Concept: “A fire-breathing, Colchis-complected horse homunculus; a flock of crows strung to it by a cacophony of clanging cables.”
This composite monster doesn’t start fights but will most definitely end them
Some verse and a paragraph describing behavior; no stats other than damage
An excellent illustration and color-coordinated text blocks
A strong motivator to resolve conflicts without violence

Blood Feast

Concept: “There exists a theater in the city of Galgenbeck, that is home to three sisters... turned into Nechrubel’s first children.”
Content: A trio of musical vampires.
Writing: History and heavy characterization personalize the daughters of Nechrubel.
Art/design: AI-generated vampire triplets standing before the blood moon.
Usability: A Babymetal tribute. 

Bloodlusting Nutcracker

“Roll one of each d4-d12 to build a Bloodlusting Nutcracker.”

Blood Sucker

Concept: “A Creature for MÖRK BORG.”
Content: A blood sucker. Obviously
Writing: Flavor saturating every last drop.
Art/design: Frightfully elegant characterization and design.
Usability: Simple and legible typeface choices. 

Bloody Cap

Concept: “A murderous goblin from the borders of Grift and Graven-Tosk, found where scenes of tyranny and vile deeds have befallen the lands.”
Stats and description of the monster along with a short dungeon lair
Does a good job conveying maliciousness and viciousness
Use of color reinforces the creature’s theme
Some text may be difficult to read, particularly when printed in black and white
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