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Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 

Blackpowder Basics

Concept: “Unleash havoc with this set of rules featuring devastating blackpowder weaponry.”
Includes rules for historic firearms, blackpowder mishaps, and a gun-toting character class
Clear delivery of more-complicated-than-average weapon mechanics
On-brand use of color, type, and visual arrangements
Well laid out in discrete sections and easy to navigate

Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy

Concept: “Expensive, exotic, and very loud”
A variety of firearms, ammunition, and special rules for using them
Concise general and item-specific mechanics
Uses the illustration and ground to differentiate general mechanics and categories of arms
It’s a spiked arquebus blast to the face!

Bog Iron

Concept: “ In the Vales of northern Bergen Chrypt villages harvest bog iron that they charge with blood sacrifes. The area is also plagued by manifesting beliefs. ”
Includes bog-iron weapons, a map of the area, various encounters, and 7 creatures
Adds lots of local color that’s in line with the larger character of the Dying Land
Draws lots of visual tropes from Mörk Borg but still maintains a distinct style
Keep it handy in case the party ever ventures through the region (or if you want some nasty weapons and monsters)

Bolo Santizeli’s Prosthetics

Concept: “A strange merchant has come to sell prosthetic arms for those who are short-handed.”
An inventory of replacement appendages with unique benefits and drawbacks
Concise descriptions peppered with witty comments
Optimized for easy use without sacrificing character
Don’t forget to add to the Misery count to the roll result


Concept: “A bone taken from the body of a dead witch... it will burn until it is no longer needed.”
Content: A reliable firestarter and effective witch attractant.
Writing: Bare bones, practical, with just a spark of magic.
Art/design: Menacing witches overlook a clean engaging design.
Usability: Please burn responsibly. 

Book of Misery Volume 2: Mork Borg

Concept: “So you're still unprepared??!!!”
Content: A witch’s tome of classes, monsters, artifacts, followers, adventures—and misery.
Writing: Provides exposition to provide backstory to the various monsters, artifacts, and followers to facilitate the unprepared storyteller.
Art/design: Coarse and violent textures produce evocative creature illustrations. Variety in overall design decisions produce a collaborative zine aesthetic.
Usability: Enough content to sprinkle a little variety into your Mörk Borg if you find yourself in need of inspiration.

Boring & Useless

“You loot the corpse of your fallen foe. Searching frantically through its pockets, pouches and bags you find...”

Bork Borg

Concept: “Drastically increases the quantity and variety of dog options”
Dog breeds, dog-related items, an optional dog-based class, rules for dog PCs (with their own optional classes), and a dog-centered adventure
Clearly and affectionately written with a clever shift to the dog’s POV in the dog-PC section
Designed for easy reading and navigation with graphic touches like a dog-head border and pawprints across pages
Sit. Stay. Good.

Börk Morgue #666

Concept: “An unofficial zine for a Dying World with words and design”
Random tables, optional rules for dice & powers & armor/weapons/combat, pointy teeth, monsters & NPCs … and a Börk Morgue & a Maus Borg
Presented with a personable tone with plenty of wry wit
Art/design: Loaded with Mörk Borg aesthetic elements, color, and some creative layouts
Adds some deeper complexity in some areas (especially complex) and some irreverent variety all around

Böwhoss’ handbook: notes on internal ignition

Concept: “In this volume you will find the most noteworthy, dangerous and strange encounters of my recent voyages.”
A variety of NPCs, monsters, and other hazards as well as a new scroll, a malevolent mushroom, an optional Misery-related madness, a relatively benign tavern, and a much less benign inn
The first-person POV and travelogue style have a folksy and often irreverent tone
Typefaces, engravings, and paintings reinforce the concept while other graphic elements lend some insidious and esoteric atmosphere
Includes player-facing handouts that include lore but no mechanics or GM-specific information

Box of Shadows

Concept: “The dry cracked earth of the city now spews a scentless dark black fog. … Rumors of this substance taking form and hunting down those that travel without a lamp or torch have become ever more prevalent.”
A sprawling sandbox-style adventure set amidst a sinister miasma emerging in Grift
Incorporates copious descriptions, in-game documents, and random tables to add flavor to play; also includes numerous monsters, NPCs, and items
Incorporates original and found art into exuberant designs and diverse layouts
Includes copious reference sheets, handouts, and topic-specific indices for GMs and players to use during play; GM-eyes-only material is segregated to facilitate more exciting solo play

Candelabra of Blood

Concept: “It's a candelabra. Of blood. It uses hit points to summon Blood Drenched Skeletons. Or it might turn you into a skeleton. You get to decide.”
The concept pretty much sums it up.
Two clear and concise sentences
A suitably gory figure with a floral ground that keeps the black and white spaces visually interesting
For the GM, straightforward; for PCs, potentially lethal and hilarious (unless you’re another PC—then it’s even more lethal)

Censer of Plagues

Concept: “Flecks of ill moisture squirt from the surface of this flail.”
Content: An infectious flail accident waiting to happen.
Writing: A sickly humorous take on a recent plague.
Art/design: A decidedly familiar (and filthy) flail head.
Usability: “‘Wearing a mask prevents the damage and Infection.’” 

Challengers of Vanth

Concept:Challengers of Vanth is renting a VHS from the sci-fi rack at the neighborhood video rental shop after midnight.”
Content: A parody of 70s science-fiction/fantasy pop culture, seen through adolescence, writ Mörk Borg.
Writing: Restructures Mörk Borg to better incorporate TRUE SCIENTIFIC REALISM, with significantly expanded abilities, and interactions between scientific and primitive technologies.
Art/design: Retains the character of early RPG illustration and design.
Usability: A substantial core rulebook, bestiary, starter adventure, and excel character generator as separate files. 

Crawling Death Below the Dying Forest

Concept: “Beneath the dying forest lies wealth beyond comprehension, magicks all-powerful, and ancient evils which must be stopped!”
A shifting abyssal dungeon crawl with cursed relics, virulent creations, cults, and deep roots.
Epic narrative in scope and scale. A truly impressive creature.
Vicious mixed-media art, earthy maps, and a MASSIVE 23-page table of 54 encounters with accompanying maps.
Generate abysms of varying size with the Atmar’s Cardography deck or dice. Supports 4 adventure themes. Connect them all into one labyrinthine abyssal sprawl.

Crypt Guard

Concept: “He fashioned himself an armour with the tombs of his loved ones... It was highly impractical but terribly efficient”
Content: “Heavy” Armor.
Writing: -1d6+2. What more do you want?
Art/design: A menacing tomb gate stands closed before our boxed text. 
Usability: It's also DR+4 to all Agility tests except defense. 

Cthork Borg

Concept: “Gloomy gilded age struggles against cosmic horror”
A full adaptation of the Mörk Borg core system for weird, investigative horror in the early 20th century
An appropriate mix of clear instructional text with more evocative descriptions
More traditional layout and design than some releases, but the colors and illustrations establish the setting and tone well
At 120 pages, a bit heftier than the norm

Additional supplements for this conversion are available on the creator's itch page.

d100 Items and Trinkets

Concept: The title says it all
Content: Great for adding colorful details to rooms, corpses, etc.
Writing: Concise but compelling
Art/design: Illustration sets the tone; typography maintains easy readability
Usability:  Roll a d100 or throw a small dagger

d100 Mundane Items

Concept: “Here you will find only those broken, useless things that others have discarded. Which is perhaps why you have found them, broken and useless as you are.”
Content: A list of 100 minor baubles with optional descriptors
Writing: Provides plenty of interesting curios to populate rooms, trash heaps, bazars, corpses, etc.
Art/design: Provides plenty of interesting curios to populate rooms, trash heaps, bazars, corpses, etc.
Usability: Roll d100, consult table, repeat

d30 Necromantic Trappings

Concept: “Summoning the dead and communicating with their spirits is not a vocation for either the foolhardy or ill-prepared.”
Content: For each 3+ items, holder gets a bonus for keeping undead followers
Writing: A suitably macabre roster of items and fetishes
Art/design: Hue and images reinforce the sepulchral tone
Usability: Easy to use and read, letting you devote your attention to wrangling skeletons

d30 Sorcerer’s Possessions

Concept: “The dark arts require more than just the use of unclean scrolls.”
Content: Collect 5 or more and get one auto crit per day when using unclean scrolls
Writing: Some practical items and others simply for flavor or creative use
Art/design: Designed for easy use but includes some esoteric trappings in the background
Usability: A neat tool for spicing up Powers

D3 Items

Concept: “The crumpled body of a dead priest […] Lost in the struggle d3 trinkets lie scattered.”
3 holy items, two with mixed benefits and drawbacks and one with only bad consequences
A paragraph for each, mixing mechanical with qualitative effects
All 3 items are illustrated in the central image; typographical variety in introductory text and item titles contributes to the visual texture and overall tone
Clearly delineated blocks for each item; descriptive text is sans serif for easy reading

d40 Exotic Artifacts

Concept: “Strange curios from long forgotten lands or items of power held by ancient sorcerers and magi?”
Content: A collection of items mostly for flavor but potentially useful for creative problem-solving
Writing: Provides some character and flavor outside the Mörk Borg norm
Art/design: Color and design support the concept and writing’s character
Usability: If you can’t find a d40, just divide a d80 in half

d40 Medical Implements

Concept: “The dying world is a dangerous place.  Healing wounds and treating infections is crucial to living just a little longer.”
Content: A collection of items useful for healing in lieu of other means
Writing: Describes a plethora of items and uses
Art/design: Medical flair of the symbolic type
Usability: d40: roll a d4 & a d10 in sequence like you would for a d100, then subtract 9

d50 Alchemy Supplies

Concept:“These alchemy supplies could mean the difference between living a little longer or dying an ignominious death.”
Content: Mechanically sparse, but plenty of objects that could be used in practical and creative ways
Writing: Includes some detailed entries with a variety of uses and purposes
Art/design: Laid out for easy use and reference
Usability: May require some googling of substances and materials

d50 Shamanic Tools

Concept: “These sacred artifacts can enhance your magical formulae, help you call upon the spirits, aid in healing the sick, or permit you to curse your enemies.”
Content: Besides titular list of nature-themed items, includes options for increasing presence and Omens
Writing: Delivers information simply with no undue fuss
Art/design: A straightforward layout with a background that lends flavor and ambience
Usability: Individual items primarily contribute to the buffs mentioned above

d50 Strange Weapons

Concept: “A collection of strange weapons for you Mörk Borg needs”
Content: 5 tables of weapons split across 5 genres of play.
Writing: Thematic, amusing, and occasionally anachronistic.
Art/design: Layout inspired by the Mörk Borg reference section.
Usability: Pick a theme, roll a d10.
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